Our Impact 

Feedback from our clients and volunteers demonstrating the significant impact our services have on the mental health of our community

“Our daughter has benefitted hugely from the sessions, particularly in regards to learning self-regulation strategies.” (Parent: Child 1:1 client)

“Absolutely lovely session meeting Jess and her beautiful horses! Jess is so friendly and calming, and understanding when our daughter was anxious, and the horses are just so wonderful to spend time with! My youngest took her key ring to show and tell at school the next day and was so excited to tell everyone about it!”
(Family Session)


“Amerron Acres have provided regular support sessions to our daughter for nearly two years. The experience has been consistently exceptional and entirely beneficial, facilitated by skilled and sensitive staff. It’s a calming and beautiful location and the horses are wonderful.”
(Parent: Child 1:1 client)

“L*** was able to experience calm and relaxed with the horses something she finds really hard to do anywhere else.” (Parent: Child 1:1 client)

“My daughters’ sessions with Jess have proved the only approach that has authentically enabled her to become more herself and less limited by her anxiety. She is always positive about going, never refuses to go. She trusts Jess and has learnt and understood so much about herself.”
(Parent – Child 1:1 client)

“We at Sparkle Sheffield cannot speak highly enough of the transformative experience our children have had at Amerron Acres. Under the guidance of Jess and Cathy, our children have flourished in ways we never thought possible. The bond they’ve formed with these majestic creatures is nothing short of remarkable. Through gentle interactions and therapeutic activities, our children have gained confidence, learned valuable life skills, and discovered a sense of peace and belonging that words cannot adequately express. In summary, if you’re looking for a place where compassion, understanding, and healing come together in perfect harmony, look no further than Amerron Acres. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Jess, Cathy, and the entire team for changing our children’s lives in the most beautiful way possible.” (CEO Sparke Sheffield Charity)

“I was greeted warmly, felt calm and a sense of release with the horses, I loved the breathing exercises at the start. Overall it was a very powerful and healing experience that felt nurtured, but also gave me my own space.” (Adult – Monthly Wellbeing Session)


“The sessions at Amerron Acres have provided a wide range of invaluable benefits for both our child and her parents. These profound benefits have gone way beyond the calming and therapeutic value of horse therapy. The exceptional staff have assisted with our child’s development related to control, trust, emotional expression, anxiety, responsibility and boundaries. They have had positive and permanent impacts on our child’s behaviour, including both at school and at home.” (Parent – Child 1:1 client)

“We had a lovely time, Jess was great with the kids who were each nervous in different ways but Jess and the horses soon put them at ease. Both kids enjoyed the experience and were able to try something totally new. They are very keen to return.” (Family Session)

“M*** has gained confidence as well as fostering talking and reflecting as a vital method of processing one’s emotions, thoughts and concerns.” (Parent – Child 1:1 client)

“I was reminded about the value of grounding and getting out of my head. It was fascinating to see how interactions with the horses mirrored core beliefs.” (Adult – Monthly Wellbeing Session)


“My only comments is that this organisation deserves more support, funding and resources to continue it’s invaluable and precious work, both with our own child and with others.”
(parent 1:1 child client)

“Really enjoyed very much and came away with a new learning about myself which
I can improve on.” (Adult – Monthly Wellbeing Session)

“Jess very quickly made all of the children feel at ease in the new environment and the horses. All of the children (and adults) had a very enjoyable time. The children loved being able to just spend time with horses doing whatever they wanted; brushing, hair decorating or cuddling. Jess went above and beyond to accommodate them.” (Family Session)

“I started volunteering at Amerron Acres in January and it has become such an important part of my week. Horses were a huge part of my childhood but I’ve not had much opportunity to be around them as an adult so it’s been amazing to be able to spend time with the herd at Amerron Acres on a regular basis. It’s such a peaceful, beautiful place to be and the horses are all wonderful and such individual characters. I get so much out of my volunteering, taking a few hours out of my normal life each week to help care for the horses really helps me to keep my own mental health on track. Jess always makes me feel really welcome and appreciated and when I recently took part in a volunteer day it was great to see how much the other volunteers were also benefitting. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a special organisation.”
 (Adult: Volunteers with horse care)

“I can only suggest that more people need to go and spend a couple of hours with Jess and her horses.” (Adult: Monthly Wellbeing Session)