Our horses

Our herd of horses are our friends first and foremost. Their physical and emotional wellbeing is extremely important to us, especially when asking for their unique energy and insight into the work we do. We know that if our herd is happy and healthy then they are able to provide our sessions with the most valuable input to help our clients on a special journey towards healing.

Our own horses are kept as close to possible as they would live in their natural environment, allowing them to be horses for much of their time. This includes living outside 24 hours a day, all year round as they would in the wild. They are free to socialise, forage on natural plants and herbs, rest, play and argue in a natural way and develop close and complex relationships within their group. The group rarely changes and they have little threat from the outside world, making them calmer and free from behavioural issues that can sometimes arise when a horse isn’t so happy in their home environment.

During sessions, our horses are equal partners and leaders of the work we do, so we allow them a definite say in whether they wish to work or not. By giving the horse a choice we respect their physical and emotional boundaries. Each member of the herd have had very different backgrounds before coming to us, and have very individual personalities; we always consider this as an important part of selecting horses for our client’s needs.