Amerron Acres CIC

Amerron Acres provides a tranquil, safe and nurturing environment for therapeutic healing to take place. We pride ourselves on being a professional establishment with professional standards including equine welfare, first aid, safeguarding and up-to-date training. All our practitioners and volunteers receive enhanced DBS checks when working with clients. We welcome all visitors, offering a variety of therapies and activities to suit. 

Why Amerron Acres?
The name “Amerron” came from a very special horse named Amerron Rhia who inspired Jess to train in equine therapies and learning. With permission from the Amerron stud to use the name, Amerron Acres can continue in her memory and help others. Rhia touched the lives of many people with her wise, friendly and opinionated presence. Always smiling, such a happy pony. 

The word acres means “a unit of space” which is what we are. A safe space, a space the horses and practitioners hold to support our clients in their journey towards healing and growth. 

Jessica Snape-Burns – Director & Practitioner

Jess grew up riding round the countryside on the backs of various ponies. She had a strong draw to animal welfare from a young age, choosing to volunteer with injured and sick animals at a sanctuary as a way to spend time with equines.

She  has always found comfort in the company of horses and set up Amerron Acres so she could share her special herd to help others on their healing journey.  

Experiencing her own health struggles, with debilitating and disabling neurological symptoms causing years of wrong diagnosis’s and deteriorating mental health, she was eventually diagnosed with a chronic spinal CSF leak. Although mostly better now, she knows the value of self-care, resting and taking care of our mental health as a priority.


In her spare time away from the horses she enjoys spending time with her husband, children, family and friends including many other animal companions. Finding happiness in nature and the beautiful Peak District countryside.

Jess has a wide range of training and experience in equine assisted interactions. First training with The Horse Boy method in 2011. Jess then began her journey with EAGALA, becoming a qualified Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in 2017. More recently, Jess has completed the Level 4 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), becoming a registered LEAP EFL practitioner.

Jess has also studied: counselling skills, understanding autism, SEND, meditation and mindfulness, children’s mental health, breathing for health, mind-body connection, child development, play therapy, equine psychology, equine welfare & nutrition

She says; “I will always be grateful for the lessons I have learnt from horses over the years, they have so much to teach us if we carefully listen. The connections I have made with so many of these special spiritual creatures will always remain close to my heart and own healing journey.”