Learning through horses – Courses for young people.

These courses include 4 weekly workshops lasting 2 hours and incorporating horse care, horsemanship, EFL exercises and learning tools to support mental health. 

Each session begins with horse care and horsemanship, learning how to groom and take care of horses through a hands on approach. 
Each week there will be a different mental health tool taught, through the horses . We will teach breathing exercises, useful for emotional self regulation. mindfulness techniques, self-care etc. 


Who is it for?

Suitable for ALL young people. 

4 spaces are available for young people on each course. Courses can be booked as a group of 4 people together by schools, home-ed groups etc.

If you are looking for individual sessions – please see our Equine Facilitated Learning page for more details. 

How much is it? 

Please get in touch if you would like more details.

How to book

Please email to check availability and how to book info@amerronacres.co.uk